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Title System

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Hello, back in EXRO i was developing a title system where as you complete certain task exceptionally, you would get a title. I'm glad to say this system is now complete and active.


We cannot tell you what triggers these titles but we can post it once its been discovered by somebody. This is done so that it encourages player to play at there best and get rewarded for doing so. Title will provide you with benefits ranging from utility, stats, PVE, and or PVP. Each title will have its unique benefit. Just like any other equipment, selecting what's best for the situation is  up to the player. Titles CANNOT be donated for. This is purely a system for people that want to dedicate themselves to it.

So far these are the discovered titles:

* the RNG Hacker (bonus bMatkRate,5; bonus bCritical,10; chance to autocast steal)-Obtained by winning the grand prize from the Daisy roulette game in paradise. Please note before you play. The  only prize worth getting is the wings and title. This npc is a casino based NPC. Even when you win you don't get fully the worth back unless you win the GRAND prize. AND there is a chance to lose a level. So you been warned. 



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